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Sushi – Not actually raw fish…

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Yeah… I’m eating it on my bed…. wanna fight about it…?

I love sushi but I always have to remind people that it doesn’t have to have raw fish. Interestingly, sushi means “vinigared rice” and not raw fish. It happens to be that raw fish is nearly always added as a source of protine, but consider the people who created sushi… The Japanese live on an island and migrated from the south of Asia where tasty fish is quite common in shallow waters, and easy to obtain. Adding fish to Sushi provided protine!!!

I enjoy sushi perhaps once a week, but remember not to eat too much due to the methylmercury!!! Mercury, a nasty little silvery metal which flows like water at room temprature, builds up in fishies!!! The result is damage to unborn children, harm to the brain, and in large amounts, necrosis and death!!!!!!  <– additional explaimations for severity…

Most methyl mercury comes from nature, but people add lots too. Just don’t eat more than 6oz/week of fish and try to eat fish not at the top of the food chain… they eat the most other fish.