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Ember of a New World

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My website for my up and coming book is now ready with it’s new update. I was a web designer long ago and I can program in my sleep but I find it takes too long and is too much work to update, by hand, a website. I wrote some php code to do it for me but I wasn’t satisfied.


I installed the same Word Press engine on my book website as I use here and poof! Onstage site.


Check it out!

My Book

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Ember of a New World Prototype Cover

Ember of a New World Prototype Cover

My first full novel, Ember of a New World, is comming along fine. I am in the final proofing stage and expect to publish sometime in february.

Ember of a New World is a historical fiction designed to teach people about the Neolithic Period though a powerful and captivating story of a young woman named Ember. The reader will follow Ember as she travels through the wilds of early neolithic Europe. I chose Ember, a woman, because she would have the skills needed for basic survival but not any experience with the wide open world (women of the time were most likey village-bound in general). This makes the world new and adventurous to her and keeps the wild lands from being mundane, as they might be for a young male, already trained as a hunter.