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☢☢☢ What is an Electron? – In 306 seconds! ☢☢☢

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More information:

Detector used in video: SE International Inspector USB

Voice over at start of video by Emily Linard

All graphics shown are property of Anti-Proton.com

☢ Radioactive Tritium Gun Sight – Tested! ☢

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☢☢☢ Read Details ☢☢☢
A Glock radioactive gun sight is tested to determine how radioactive it might be!

X-Ray Spectrum of Tritium: http://anti-proton.com/tritium2.png
X-Ray Spectrum of Gun Sight: http://anti-proton.com/tritium_gunsight.png

☢ Radioactive Tc99m ☢

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Technetium 99m has a half life of 6.01 hours and transitions to normal Technetium 99 via the release of surplus energy in the form of a gamma photon at 140.21 keV

Radiation at Six Miles Up!!! – Gamma Spectroscopy in an Airplane!

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I noticed that at ground level, the dose rate was 1 or 2 uSv/hr, but after take off it dropped!!! From 1000 feet (eyeballed) to about 5,000 feet it read 0 uSv/hr on the Poli (1 or 2 CPS, max!). This was due to being too far from the ground radiation (NORM), but too low to pick up lots of background cosmic rays.

My Polimaster misses most cosmic rays and mostly picks up mostly uranium, thorium, potassium, and bremsstrahlung radiation. Neat!

By the time I hit about 15,000 feet the dose rate was rising again. By 33,000 feet the dose rate was at its peak of about 0.5 uSv/hr. I know from the spectrum that most of my dose was from high energy particles. This means my Poli misses most of this dose. lol

Ironically, the plane was probably the source of most of my low level energy dose due to high energy particles striking the hull.

As for the x-ray machine, what could I do? I told the TSA guy what the detector was and he just stared at me… so oh well lol

Collecting Uranium

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!!!The most important aspects of safety!!!

Key things to reduce exposure:
1. Shielding
2. Time (of exposure)
3. Distance

Key things to keep safe:
1. Minimize exposure if possible.
2. Always wash hands and wear gloves.
3. Never allow inhalation or ingestion of dust from samples.
4. Keep samples away from children (anyone, actually) and only bring
5. Never store samples under your bed (not sure why they do, but apparently people do this lol)

Good books:
Introduction to Radioactive Minerals – Robert Lauf

Places to buy uranium:

(eBay and Amazon have some too, but be careful!)

Places to get equipment:


Places to get a Geiger counter (including recommended models):

Model 3 + 44-9 Pancake Probe – Ludlums.com
Inspector – GeigerCounters.com
PRM9000 – GeigerCounters.com
CDV700 – VArious places (careful of bad units… may need repair and claibration)