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Skywatcher Star Adventurer – Review

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I demo the Skywatcher Star Adventurer!

I contacted Skywatcher about an inexpensive, but useful, mount for tracking stars for astrophotography. I wanted a mount under $500 which could hold a star “still” for photography, at 400mm focal length, for 30-60 seconds. They sent me one for free to evaluate and here it is!


1. Some plastic parts (not needed for operation)
2. Needs angled wedge and counter weight to be useful
3. Limited payload weight
4. Polaris finger scope light failed very quickly

1. Light weight, easy setup
2. VERY good unguided star tracking!
3. Heavy metal construction
4. Long battery life!
5. Polaris finder scope.
6. Lots of great knobs & parts designed to simplify use

Astrophotography Photos

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The Moon

Moon, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm Arco Orion ST80, f/5, 1/320s ISO200, © 2016 Anti-Proton.com

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm 2x Barlow Arco Orion ST80, f/10, 15s ISO6400, © 2016 Anti-Proton.com

M41 Open Cluster

M41 Open Cluster, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm Arco Orion ST80, f/5, 6s ISO1600, © 2016 Anti-Proton.com

I Saw the Sun!

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I took a bunch of photos of the Sun using a Coronado sun telescope and manually stacked them using GIMP. The result was quite nice, I think you can see a large sun spot as well as a prominence (bottom of sun).

So, how big is this prominence? I measure that it rises ~30,648.94 miles above the sun and has an apparent width of around ~202,282.98 miles!

That prominence is 3.87 Earths in height and 25.56 Earths long!!!

Diameter of sun image is 987px.
Avg. diameter of sun: 864300 miles.

So, 864300 miles / 987px= 875.6838905775076 miles/px
Maximum height of the prominence is 35px

Therefore, 35px * 875.6838905775076 miles/px = 30648.93617021277 Miles
Call is ~30,648.94 Miles

Astrophysics Video Coming Soon!

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My Astrophysics Equipment

My Astrophysics Equipment

Okay folks, I know you been waiting for a video for a while and I’ve been lazy and working on my books and not producing one. I have an upcoming video about astrophysics that I helped put out for you pretty soon. In this video, I’ll be detecting various radio phenomena from space using my nuclear physics equipment. Depending on whether or not I ever get a clear night, I may also do a video on using a telescope to capture pictures of the stars. I’m also working on some software that will allow me to produce nice thermographic images of the sky. We shall see.