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Astrophotography Photos

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The Moon

Moon, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm Arco Orion ST80, f/5, 1/320s ISO200, © 2016 Anti-Proton.com

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm 2x Barlow Arco Orion ST80, f/10, 15s ISO6400, © 2016 Anti-Proton.com

M41 Open Cluster

M41 Open Cluster, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm Arco Orion ST80, f/5, 6s ISO1600, © 2016 Anti-Proton.com

I Saw the Sun!

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I took a bunch of photos of the Sun using a Coronado sun telescope and manually stacked them using GIMP. The result was quite nice, I think you can see a large sun spot as well as a prominence (bottom of sun).

So, how big is this prominence? I measure that it rises ~30,648.94 miles above the sun and has an apparent width of around ~202,282.98 miles!

That prominence is 3.87 Earths in height and 25.56 Earths long!!!

Diameter of sun image is 987px.
Avg. diameter of sun: 864300 miles.

So, 864300 miles / 987px= 875.6838905775076 miles/px
Maximum height of the prominence is 35px

Therefore, 35px * 875.6838905775076 miles/px = 30648.93617021277 Miles
Call is ~30,648.94 Miles

Astrophysics Video Coming Soon!

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My Astrophysics Equipment

My Astrophysics Equipment

Okay folks, I know you been waiting for a video for a while and I’ve been lazy and working on my books and not producing one. I have an upcoming video about astrophysics that I helped put out for you pretty soon. In this video, I’ll be detecting various radio phenomena from space using my nuclear physics equipment. Depending on whether or not I ever get a clear night, I may also do a video on using a telescope to capture pictures of the stars. I’m also working on some software that will allow me to produce nice thermographic images of the sky. We shall see.