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Please note, I intend to update my webpage to be newer and better looking in a month or two. It’s about time for some changes, good changes.

Radioactive “Lite Salt”

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Do you enjoy potassium “lite salt”?

I know I do. I eat it on everything. It’s tastey and healthy, but did you know that it was radioactive? All natural potassium atoms comes in 3 different types, called isotopes (meaning equal members). Each has the same number of protons, which makes it potassium, but a different number of neutrons. Potassiunm 39 and 41 are stable, but poor potassium 40 simply isn’t. Over time, potassium 40 slowly decays into argon gas or calcium. In doing this, it emits beta particles and even gamma rays!

So, how radioactive is a can of “lite salt” from the store? I bought an 11oz (311g) can and did the math:

(note: 1Bq = 1 radioactive decay of an atom per second)

One can of “lite salt” contains 311g of salt.
One 1400mg serving contains 350mg of potassium, 25% per serving.

Thus, the mass of potassium in the can is:
k/srv = 350mg/1400mg = 25% of 311g = 77.75g

Now, the isotope K40 is naturally 0.0117% of potassium, so:
0.000117 * 77.75g = 9.097 milligrams of K40 per can.

The specific radioactivity of K40 is 265400Bq
Thus, the can of salt has an activity of:
0.009097g * 265400Bq/g = 2414.3Bq/can

A gamma occurs 10.66% of the time meaning that my “lite salt” can
emits around:
0.1066 y/bq* 2414.3Bq = 257.36438 photos/sec

So, it tastes great and emits ~257 gamma rays per second lol

Not too much to worry about, but really amazing!

Tom Poems

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I have been writing poetry on Twitter for some reason. Here are a few:

#Death is much like #sleep, we close our eyes and time passes without our care. We fear one and we embrace the other. #poem

To show mercy and #forgiveness to an enemy contradicts the natural order. It is a #beauty sentience can bestow. we can be #beautiful. #poem

sentience, the ultimate emergent property of the cosmos. A pinnacle of http://reality.Love & compassion r the greatest acts of sentience

If only #love could sway bigots, I would hold them in my arms and weep that they might learn the #beauty of #love and abandon their ways…

Love knows no gender & no creed. We are more advanced than our programming. Rise above the hate and bigotry an embrace #love fuck bigots

My ancestors were warriors, painted flesh and ax in hand. a balance of #love and death, life and hate. #poem #celt #pictish

#Naked bodies slick with sweat, procreation’s always wet. #Sex is beauty – the continuation of #life, fuckers ban it… always strife. #poem

Your #enemy falls before you, their life fades… Your #life is taken and your hopes and dreams evaporate. A vicious circle. #poem #love

they dance in the night, provocative allure. #Fertility masked in #love. no greater #joy exists. #Dance #naked under the #moon. #peom

The only known life inthe #cosmos.We Can #love & #hate. We hate more than we love. An adequate description of our species & condition. #poem

#pain, #pleasure, #love – these define life in a #universe barren and cold. We waste them. Why do we hate so much in #love so little? #poem

we crave that which kills us, to bring us the #life that is shortened by our need to experience more. we are fools, we crave #beauty. #poem

2 bodies come together, each clinging to #life,each would trade life 4 the other,the product of evolution, they defy its primary goal. #poem

The touch of warm skin, sudden dilation of a pupil, smell of their hair. These are fleeting, the gifts of evolution. Enjoy #love #poem #joy

life, consciousness from inanimate matter. The ultimate #miracle. We are the #beauty ofthe #cosmos, its mind and will. #Joy & #love our ours

#Life is the most #beautiful emergent property of the #cosmos. Why it is, we don’t know. Embrace every moment that it is. Beauty is fleeting

#Love and #marriage is between a MAN & WOMAN! or a MAN & a #MAN, or a WOMAN & A #WOMAN… hell, between anyone in ❤#love❤. F** #Bigots!!!

Enjoy 140 character poems 😛


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Change your air filter every 3 months. They gather Radon 😛
I tested mine after changing it lol

I Saw the Sun!

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I took a bunch of photos of the Sun using a Coronado sun telescope and manually stacked them using GIMP. The result was quite nice, I think you can see a large sun spot as well as a prominence (bottom of sun).

So, how big is this prominence? I measure that it rises ~30,648.94 miles above the sun and has an apparent width of around ~202,282.98 miles!

That prominence is 3.87 Earths in height and 25.56 Earths long!!!

Diameter of sun image is 987px.
Avg. diameter of sun: 864300 miles.

So, 864300 miles / 987px= 875.6838905775076 miles/px
Maximum height of the prominence is 35px

Therefore, 35px * 875.6838905775076 miles/px = 30648.93617021277 Miles
Call is ~30,648.94 Miles