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Tom – The Scientist

Tom of Anti-Proton.com is a computer scientist who by day programs, supports large computer systems, and drinks too much coffee, and by night engages in science projects! Tom is a qualified programmer, systems analyst, network engineer, and systems administrator with more than 15 years professional experience in the field of computers and computer science. Tom began his interest in computers in 1986 when he received his first IBM computer. That very same year, Tom wrote his first program in BASIC. Tom’s first web page went online sometime around 1996 and by 1998, Tom was running a web server and bulletin board system out of his home. Tom’s first computer job was as an assistance networking administrator for a large library network, in 1998. Since that time, Tom has engaged in virtual reality modeling, CAD, ETL programming, exotic solutions architecture, network security, and computer forensics.

Professional Experience

  • Programming
  • Program Architecture
  • Java
  • C, C++
  • x86 Assembly
  • VRML, VB6
  • HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Networking (Cisco Products)
  • Data Analysis (statistics, analytic analysis)
  • Systems Administration (Windows, UNIX, Linux)

    Nuclear Alchemy

    Nuclear Alchemy

    Besides his professional interests, Tom spends much of his free time engaged in a series of scientific tasks and learning. Though Tom is a lay person, by definition, in all but the computer science projects listed below, his personal experience should not be underrated. Tom has spent thousands of hours learning about these subjects. Tom Hopes to return to college and obtain a second degree, but this time in physics.

    Tom’s Current Projects

    Nuclear Physics

    • Gamma Spectroscopy – using CsI(Tl) and NaI(Tl) detectors
    • Nuclear Transmutation
    • Nuclear Fallout Analysis
    • Geiger Counters

    Laser Physics

    • Holography
    • Isotope separation


    • Collecting radioactive minerals (Uranium, Thorium, Potassium, Cerium)
    • Raw gem collecting
    • Petrology


    • Ancient Pictish People
    • Mesolithic/Neolithic transition in Europe

    Computer Science

    • Virtual Reality modeling (using my Oculus Rift)
    • Monte Carlo Simulations
    • AI heuristics


    Ti89 - Titanium Fun

    Ti89 - Titanium Fun

    When not working on his career or his science projects, Tom dabbles in a multitude of hobbies. Below are the primary hobbies.

    Tom’s Hobbies

    Dungeons & Dragons
    Archery – Re-curves (none of that new stuff)
    Skyrim (heavily modded)
    Virtual reality gaming
    Learning Japanese
    Finding and collecting radioactive objects


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    1. Jeanrog says:


      My name is Jean and this is too funny. I have to know what is around me so I bought myslef the tools to do so. Please reply back to my email so that we can talk. Were pretty much on the same exact level. You are about two weeks ahead of me ;p

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