Seeing the Stars

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What a wonderful night it was tonight. It was one of the first good nights in a long time, previous nights being filled with high humidity and significant storms. I whipped out the Celestron 130 EQ telescope and pointed to the stars. While the moon was quite interesting as Saturn was just ever so slightly south of it, the real interest for me tonight was trying to find more Messier objects. Adding to my list, tonight I saw Messier object 29, which has been dubbed “the cooling tower”, though I’m not sure I can tell by looking at it why. Before leaving, I spotted the summer beehive cluster once more. I’m always impressed how amazing it looks on my 82° wide-angle lenses. It is my opinion that no astronomer amateur or otherwise should be without a wide-angle lens. I can’t even use my old ones is now.

List of objects I have seen this summer:
Summer beehive cluster
Sigma & Epsilon lyrae Double and Quadruple Stars

What a wonderful summer.

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