Alpha Radiation, Geiger Counters 101 Part Two

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Alpha radiation was first detected in the late 19th century by Ernest Rutherford. Alpha radiation is the release of two protons and two neutrons with many millions of electron volts of kinetic energy! Alpha radiation is very positivity charged and cannot readily move more than a few centimeters from a source before tuning into normal helium. As a result, alpha radiation is only dangerous when inhaled, ingested, or otherwise allowed into the body.

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  1. Hello says:

    Hello! Can we see your latest readings, since you are near Lake Anna and the North Anna nuclear plant, which is under suspicion and intensive NRC inspection?!?… The World is wondering about this! I’ve seen a number of stories in the national and international media, as well as the Free Lance Star in VA that underscore the effects of the recent natural disasters on the nuke plant!…thanks! =)


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