New Radioactive Depression Glass Peice!

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I bought both of these peices at a local store in my town for under $20 each!

Depression Glassware, Vaseline Glassware, and other interesting glassware from the early to mid twentieth century where coated with, glazed with, or contained Uranium Oxide as a colorant. The Uranium Oxide created a brilliant green color, and could be mixed with other chemicals to make other powerful and rich colorings.

Depression, Uranium containing, glassware is generally safe to handle. Remember to keep it away from children and do not store it in a room where people frequent. Keeping it a few feet away from most people in an under-used room is often safe. Tip: Use a blacklight hidden behind the glass to make it look beautiful!

Uranium Oxide is mostly fertile U-238, sometimes with a tiny touch of fissile U-235, which is naturally occurring. The radioactive decay mode is an alpha particle with about 4.26 million electron voltes of energy! The alpha travels but a few inches from the object before gaining electrons and possibly releasing additional radiation through secondary ionization. The secondary decay is a gamma ray at about 49.55 kilo-electron volts. In reality, the full decay series and total emission band is much more complex.

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    Hi Tom.

    “i ” before “e”, except after “c”

    You’re videos are very informative and helpful to me. Thanks.

    Please fix your spelling of PIECE. You have it spelled PEICE.

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