Geiger Counters 101 — The Basics, Part One

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Part one of the Geiger Counters 101 series, by, covers the basic history, usage, and aspects of Geiger Counters. The following topics are covered in the first part:

The history of the Geiger-Mueller tube
Basic Geiger tube concepts
New Geiger counter? What do you do?
Taking a baseline/background reading
various tips and tricks.

There are no prerequisites other than you have an interest in radiation and Geiger counters.

Five things to remember:
(1) Always use CPM (Counts per minute) unless you are calibrated for the specific, known, element and radiation source you are detecting.
(2) There are four common ionizing radiation types: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X-Ray.
(3) A Geiger Counter which is turned off detects NOTHING. Keep your unit on and stay informed.
(4) You cannot check too slowly. Do not rush your examinations of objects.
(5) Identify and monitor your baselines. A reading without a baseline is of little use.

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