Radioactive Uranium Glassware!!! Oh Noes!!!

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I found these three glass ware prices at a friends house. They are radioactive because they contain, most likely, uranium. Their maximum reading, over ten minutes as an average, was 1.05 uSv/hr with the mica window in contact. The readings demenished greatly at 4 inches. The rooms ambient readings were about 0.25 uSv/hr at 10 feet, whe they were normally 0.12 uSv /hr. Note how chicken I am around obviously non harmful levels of radiation. Lol. I will tell you it is safe, then run away. Lol

The glassware is totally safe, even at 100 CPM (1 uSv/hr). I am just a chicken.

Tell me what you think. Would you eat off of this?


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