Results of Radioactive Rain

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Last night a massive rain storm blew through my area, Virginia (4/16). After the storm had ended, I measured a change in my geiger counter readings. My geiger counter provides many different readings each minute, due to the randomness of radiation, but it always averages to 14 CPM for the long periods it runs (24+ hours in the same place). During the late evening and early night, after the storm, my average counts per minute rose from 14CPM to 15CPM. This is a significant change for a long running average. I have witnessed this each time now that a major front from the west has moved through my area.

Current Radiation Data

Person Monitoring: Tom
Location: Fredericksburg, VA, US
Altitude: 10 feet
Station Name: Anti Proton
Geiger Counter Model: Radalert 100
Other Criteria: CRM-100 (radalert w/o alert feature) 8-16CPM normal

Fallowing the rain storm by about 2-3 hours
4/16/11 09:33 PM 26CPM 15 Avg CPM Start of consistent higher readings
4/16/11 10:05 PM 17CPM 15 Avg CPM End of first wave of higher readings

Gusty and windy, but clear night.
4/16/11 11:32 PM 2CPM 15 Avg CPM Start of second batch of high readings
4/17/11 02:26 AM 11CPM 15 Avg CPM End of high readings

Note: These readings are all quite low, but they represent a trend, which could be caused by small amounts of Japan fallout, though this cannot be verified by my instrument.


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