Got My New Geiger Counter!!!

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I just got my CRM-100 Geiger Counter and it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!

[Note: I will post many videos VERY SOON showing how to use it and detailing what it can do.]

I went to my father’s house to see if any of his antiques (he was a museum director and historian. Now he is a professor. He has a good collection) were hot. Ironically, after many hours of searching I only found a dinosaur bone, one I left at the house lol, which gave off some very mild radiation.

My readings:

Rapid 5min Base Lines:

In car – 10.14 CPM
In House – 15 CPM
On Testing Table – 15.4 CPM

Test of the Dino Bone:

5min CPM average – 43.4 CPM
5min CPM average w/ 4 sheets of aluminium foil, std. width – 34.2 CPM

I assume mostly Beta Minus.

Radioactive Dino Bone

Radioactive Dino Bone