Where does the energy go?

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I am always amazed by the ideas I hear. I recently heard a person talking about “pure” energy and what to do with it…”Well”, I asked, “what is ‘pure energy’ made of?” Never do I get response from these sorts of questions.

Energy and mass are the same basic thing aside from configuration. When you can produce a difference between a “rest state” for any given degree of freedom in a system, you can than call that “energy”. That energy is potential and will remain locked until it can be converted to work or until it fits an acceptable configuration. Particles, such as an electron or an anti-proton, are made of energy locked into a specific configuration (i.e. spin, wave number, etc) and their surplus energy can be used to cause work given an available degree of freedom of the system. Any energy which can be placed into a new system, i.e. a new configuration (particle) will leave the current system and “decay” into a new system entirely. The surplus energy it carries should be equal to the sum of the surplus energy divided by the difference is mass.

Energy is probably best summed up by String Theory as being a property of Membrains and their goofy attempts to form cohesive structures in the 3rd spacial diminution.

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  1. tom says:

    As a side note:

    Consider this…

    What is 100% pure energy?
    What is 100% matter without any energy?
    What is 100% mass without matter?
    What is 100% mass without energy?

    That gets your mind thinking correctly. Matter has mass which interacts energetically. Spare energy can create mass, which is called matter. decaying matter looses mass, who’s energy becomes the basis for diffirent mass and diffirent matter…


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