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Autunite Mineral Tested

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Autunite is a very beautiful, many might say the most beautiful, uranium-bearing mineral. Autunite contains many amazing isotopes, including a few transuranic elements! I received a sample of the beautiful and deadly mineral from a friend at the cost of an analysis using my gamma spectrometer.

I have finally completed a calibration analysis of my spectrometer, to include a 17 KeV to 2MeV window with a +/- 3KeV tolerance. These are favorable conditions for analysis of uranium and uranium daughters.

Today, I tested my new Autunite sample in my gamma spectrometer to see what I might find within it’s calcium-encrusted innards. I was amazed at what I found, including U235! The primary natural uranium products are there, as expect: Lead 214 and Bismuth 214 being heavy gamma emitters, lead the way with large spikes at 351.92 KeV, 295 KeV, and 609.31KeV, 1764.49 KeV, respectively. I detected a tiny bit of Radium 226, Uranium 235, and Uranium 238.

Autunite Full Scale Report
Autunite, ROI Peak Report
Autunite Information