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Radioactive Coffee – Time Lapse Tested!

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☢☢Please Read Below☢☢
☢☢Radioactive Coffee ☢☢

Coffee: Radioactive?

You bet!

I tested two packs of instant coffee from an unnamed company to see. I detected a VERY slight increase in radioactivity over a thirty minutes time. Coffee is wonderful, the nectar of the Gods you might say, and I am drinking a cup even as I write this. My point: It is 100% safe, as far as radiation is concerned.

Specifics of test:

Samples tested at 1cm distance. International Medcom CRM-100 Geiger Counter used. LND 712 Geiger Tube used. Sensitive to Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and X.

Tested two single servings of instant coffee. The samples were tested during the same hour, roughly, and after the sun had set.

Results of test:

Baseline = 406 counts/30min = 13.533333333333333333333333333333
Coffee 434 counts/30min 14.466666666666666666666666666667

Average change in counts = 0.93333333333333333333333333333367 c/m


Coffee may be slightly radioactive, much like Brazil Nuts, Bananas, and other foods which contain small amounts of radioactivity. Coffee is quite safe to drink. I drink a ½ gallon of the precious nectar every day. The reasons behind the radioactivity, which have been observed by others, have yet to be fully explained. Most likely, they are the result of natural radioactive elements found in the ground where the coffee is grown.

Radioactive Rain in Virginia?

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Radioactive Rain in Virginia?

I have been monitoring radiation in my area since before Fukashima and my background has always been between 7-18 around my apartment. My monitoring location, in my apartment, has been a steady 14 CPM average for months now. A few days ago I registered readings of 33 CPM, and now for the last 24 hours I have been reading elevated readings too.

Very interesting.

For a 24 hour day, an average changing by even 1 CPM is significant. The reason is that there are 1440 minutes in one day and they are added and averaged. Total_daily_counts / 1440 = average CPM.

Here are some of my results for just the last two days
The first few pages are showing you my nice 14 CPM baseline. The last are from the rain.