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Microwave Radiation Experiment

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Recently, I was asked a question about Microwaves Sjrads,

“You have a microwave? Heat up a cup of water, then test it with the counter. I really want to see if the microwave puts radiation in the food stuff like people say.”

The short answer is: No, it will not but here is why:

Microwaves do produce radiation, but this radiation is thermal, meaning an increased movment of the atoms within the food, not ionizing. Nuclear Ionizing Radiation adds or removes particles from and atom, generally electrons, by shear force. Ionizing radiation is destructive. Thermal radiation from a microwave is non-distructive (though it will blow your dinner up). A short test will show that microwaves will not increase the ambiant radiation of a sample of water.

Enjoy this little video.

Cleaning Nearly Complete!

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One of my goals is ensuring that nothing radioactive exists in my environment, aside from natural low-level emitters, like light salt.

I have a mild phobia of ionizing radioactivity, though this is born of my understanding more than ignorant fear.

To this end, I am checking each place I frequent, my friend’s house, my father’s house, my house, etc, to ensure nothing bad exists. My final goal is to use my GM counter to test geological samples I find. My mineral collection is quite extensive.

Hopefully, that nasty compass I found a my friends house will be the only major thing I find.

I hope…

Friend’s House – Inspection!

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I went to my friends’ house to make sure they were safe for anything bad. The house had a low baseline of less than 15CPM. I found a few plates with something in them.

Standard 5min quick background test of middle of house: 12.2 CPM

Yellow plate made of glass containing something radioactive, perhaps uranium, though that is my speculation. The readings for 5 minutes were 291/5 = 58.2 CPM Low. Possible alpha source. The effect died at 4 inches maximum, and was reduced by half by a sheet of paper.



Got My New Geiger Counter!!!

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I just got my CRM-100 Geiger Counter and it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!!!

[Note: I will post many videos VERY SOON showing how to use it and detailing what it can do.]

I went to my father’s house to see if any of his antiques (he was a museum director and historian. Now he is a professor. He has a good collection) were hot. Ironically, after many hours of searching I only found a dinosaur bone, one I left at the house lol, which gave off some very mild radiation.

My readings:

Rapid 5min Base Lines:

In car – 10.14 CPM
In House – 15 CPM
On Testing Table – 15.4 CPM

Test of the Dino Bone:

5min CPM average – 43.4 CPM
5min CPM average w/ 4 sheets of aluminium foil, std. width – 34.2 CPM

I assume mostly Beta Minus.

Radioactive Dino Bone

Radioactive Dino Bone



X-Ray’s, Well Explained!

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This guy explains X-Rays VERY well! I tip my hat!