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The Weather!

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I took a year of meterology in high school… and being a scientist I study all types. I just can’t understand why some scientists think they should limit themselves to just their little facet of study…

As the temprature approaches the dew point, dropping, the water approaches the ability to condence to a surface, call a condensation nuclei (spel

Scientists Can Shift Too!

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While computing the force of my car’s drive axle torque with respect to my mood, I realized that I should post a video showing me driving, and shifting, for no real reason.

This proves that lim tom -> ∞ = ∞. Basically, I have no limit lol

Pulse Ion Plasma Motor!!! OMG!

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Your Basic Ion Drive

Your Basic Ion Drive

Here is a deign I made a few years back for a cheap and easy to make ion drive. The drive requires an analogue timing circuit using a phased capacitor and transformer… but it’s loads of fun to make! This exact design is copyright, Tom 2011, like everything on the site, but the major design is similar to other types in use, such as the T4.

Unfortunetly the best fuels are sort of hard to come by. Xenon would be the best, being heavy and great for ionizing, but not so cheap. =(

Speed of light and the Nearest Star (ramblings)

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Enjoy my typical ramblings!!!

Here I go on in diffirent directions about the nearest star and a little about going there.

The Ancient History Of Europe (Ramblings)

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This is a rambling about ancient neolithic europe! Enjoy the info!

Also, be sure to look into your own ethnic history! God far back too! Always interesting.