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Radioactive Toilet! Testing the Hot Seat!

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Is your toilet slightly radioactive? Maybe.

Spectrometer used was the GS1100A from:

Geiger counter used was the Inspector USB from:

Toilet was likely from a hardware store lol

I found Uranium 238, Thorium 232, and Potassium 40 in my toilet. These are normal to find.

☢ Trinitite: Nuclear Glass! ☢

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Radioactive nuclear Trinitite: Sand from the deserts near Alamogordo NewMexico melted into glass by the fires of the first atomic test!

All photos and video are copyright and made by other than the photo of the trinity test, which is public domain (copyright free) and originally shot by Berlyn Brixner

Two places to get trinitite samples:

Special thanks to MP!

How to Photograph the Moon!

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How to photograph the moon using a simple DSLR camera!

The most important things:

DSLR Camera capable of fully manual settings.
Telephoto or Zoom lens of at least 200mm focal length.
Low ISO (100 to 400)
High f/stop (6-10)
High Shutter Speeds (1/250s or faster)
Stable Tripod
Shutter Release

Astrophotography Photos

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The Moon

Moon, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm Arco Orion ST80, f/5, 1/320s ISO200, © 2016

Orion Nebula

Orion Nebula, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm 2x Barlow Arco Orion ST80, f/10, 15s ISO6400, © 2016

M41 Open Cluster

M41 Open Cluster, Canon Rebel T5, 80x400mm Arco Orion ST80, f/5, 6s ISO1600, © 2016

Uranium Pictures!

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Boltwoodite - Uranium

Boltwoodite - Uranium

Metatorbernite - Uranium

Metatorbernite - Uranium