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Tom Poems

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I have been writing poetry on Twitter for some reason. Here are a few:

#Death is much like #sleep, we close our eyes and time passes without our care. We fear one and we embrace the other. #poem

To show mercy and #forgiveness to an enemy contradicts the natural order. It is a #beauty sentience can bestow. we can be #beautiful. #poem

sentience, the ultimate emergent property of the cosmos. A pinnacle of http://reality.Love & compassion r the greatest acts of sentience

If only #love could sway bigots, I would hold them in my arms and weep that they might learn the #beauty of #love and abandon their ways…

Love knows no gender & no creed. We are more advanced than our programming. Rise above the hate and bigotry an embrace #love fuck bigots

My ancestors were warriors, painted flesh and ax in hand. a balance of #love and death, life and hate. #poem #celt #pictish

#Naked bodies slick with sweat, procreation’s always wet. #Sex is beauty – the continuation of #life, fuckers ban it… always strife. #poem

Your #enemy falls before you, their life fades… Your #life is taken and your hopes and dreams evaporate. A vicious circle. #poem #love

they dance in the night, provocative allure. #Fertility masked in #love. no greater #joy exists. #Dance #naked under the #moon. #peom

The only known life inthe #cosmos.We Can #love & #hate. We hate more than we love. An adequate description of our species & condition. #poem

#pain, #pleasure, #love – these define life in a #universe barren and cold. We waste them. Why do we hate so much in #love so little? #poem

we crave that which kills us, to bring us the #life that is shortened by our need to experience more. we are fools, we crave #beauty. #poem

2 bodies come together, each clinging to #life,each would trade life 4 the other,the product of evolution, they defy its primary goal. #poem

The touch of warm skin, sudden dilation of a pupil, smell of their hair. These are fleeting, the gifts of evolution. Enjoy #love #poem #joy

life, consciousness from inanimate matter. The ultimate #miracle. We are the #beauty ofthe #cosmos, its mind and will. #Joy & #love our ours

#Life is the most #beautiful emergent property of the #cosmos. Why it is, we don’t know. Embrace every moment that it is. Beauty is fleeting

#Love and #marriage is between a MAN & WOMAN! or a MAN & a #MAN, or a WOMAN & A #WOMAN… hell, between anyone in ❤#love❤. F** #Bigots!!!

Enjoy 140 character poems 😛

Beautiful Uranium

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I love Uranium! What a wondrous, mysterious, powerful, and somewhat dangerous element. For thousands of years humans have used this element for colorant and more recently for energy. As amazing as Uranium is, did you know how beautiful it can be?

These pictures were taken under a digital light microscope, in my laboratory, at magnifications of 40x to 400x. The specimens used were tiny grains of uranium many times smaller than a grain of salt. As beautiful as these pieces are, breathing one into your lungs could be quite serious! I worse a dust mask, gloves, goggles, and took full laboratory safety measures when working with the Uranium. My Geiger counter and scintillation probes were on and in use the entire time. I estimate that my hands were exposed to as much as 2 uSv of gamma radiation at contact and that my entire body dose, aside from my hands, was about 0.1 uSv for the period of the work. This is only 2.5 times my normal background of 0.04 uSv/hr*

© 2012 Natural Uranium

Autunite Uranium under long wave UV light

© 2012

Pitchblende Uranium

© 2012

Autunite Uranium under long wave UV light

© 2012

Pitchblende Uranium

© 2012

Autunite Uranium under long wave UV light

© 2012

Autunite Uranium under long wave UV light

*Dose rates based upon the readings taken from a spectroscopic CsI(Tl) dosimeter which measures the actual photon energy from 33 keV to 3 MeV. Readings were NOT the result of a referenced source.

Radioactive Rain – Radon Washout Found!

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Here is the short 3 minute version of the same video with only the results. =)

Geiger Counter vs. Scintillator

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Geiger counters are an indispensable tool for any scientist, professional or amateur (like me). The Geiger counter can detect radiation quickly and effectively. They are also relatively cheap, ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars (most are under $1,000). Geiger counters have varying abilities and detect different particles and energy levels of those particles with differing levels of efficiency. By far, beta radiation is detected the best with many tubes detecting 2 to 4 out of ten particles which hit them. Alpha radiation is a bit lower, with many tubes totally blind to them and those which are not only detecting 5 to 10 particles per every 100. Gamma and X-ray radiation is the lowest for Geiger counters, where often between 1 and 3 photons are detected per 100.

Pros — Cheap, easy to use, portable, can detect alpha, beta, gamma, and x-ray.

Cons — Cannot determine isotope (fact), cannot determine energies, very low gamma and x-ray efficiency.

Scintillation counters are the tools of the professional nuclear scientist. Scintillation counters exist for gamma, x-ray, beta, and alpha radiation (a specific unit for each). When used with a multi channel spectrum analyzer, the counter can identify isotopes by their energies. Some Gamma spectrometers can even be used for complex gamma recoil analysis (mossbaur spectroscopy) which aid in determining the molecular bonds of various atoms, such as iron. Crystal sicntillators may cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, while a multi channel spectrum analyzer to attach to one is at least a few thousand more. This means an entry level lab-grade unit (like mine) will set you back about $5000. Very powerful soil state units, like those used at universities, can be well beyond $10,000 and even as much as a million dollars. A good High Purity Germanium (HPGe) is at least $10k. These detectors may be used without a multi channel spectrum analyzer, but they only count at that point. Hobbyists have created multi channel spectrum analyzer’s for under 1,000 dollars.

Pros — Can identify isotopes, measures energies, very sensitive to gamma rays (for gamma sicntillators), can probe hyperfine molecular bonds.

Cons — Expensive ($1000 and up), complex, requires extensive skill (physics), portable units are often very expensive.


Great MCA+Scintillator for entry lab-grade use. This is what I use:

Small and portable scintillation devices (mega pricy)

A really great Geiger counter (Inspector EXP+)

Probably the best Scintillation video ever made

What’s in your rain?

I detect the potassium in a single banana… GM can’t do this. =)

Autunite Uranium Spectrum!

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Autunite - Uranium

Autunite is a very beautiful, many might say the most beautiful, uranium-bearing mineral. Autunite contains many amazing isotopes, including a few transuranic elements! I received a sample of the beautiful and deadly mineral from a friend at the cost of an analysis using my gamma spectrometer.

I have finally completed a calibration analysis of my spectrometer, to include a 17 KeV to 2MeV window with a +/- 3KeV tolerance. These are favorable conditions for analysis of uranium and uranium daughters.

Today, I tested my new Autunite sample in my gamma spectrometer to see what I might find within it’s calcium-encrusted innards. The primary natural uranium products are there, as expect: Lead 214 and Bismuth 214 being heavy gamma emitters, lead the way with large spikes at 351.92 KeV, 295 KeV, and 609.31KeV, 1764.49 KeV, respectively. I detected a tiny bit of Radium 226, Uranium 235, and Uranium 238.