☢ Detecting Natural Neutron Radiation! ☢

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Natural Sources of Neutron Radiation! I detect neutrons from thermal to as high as 14 MeV!

[Neutron Detector/Gamma Spectrometer]


[PoliSmart Dosimeter]


Nuclear Material Generator!

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The Spectrum Techniques Barium 137m Generator is a small device used to generate small quantities of the short lived radio-nuclide Ba137m.


☢ Radioactive Tritium Gun Sight – Tested! ☢

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☢☢☢ Read Details ☢☢☢
A Glock radioactive gun sight is tested to determine how radioactive it might be!

X-Ray Spectrum of Tritium: http://anti-proton.com/tritium2.png
X-Ray Spectrum of Gun Sight: http://anti-proton.com/tritium_gunsight.png

Are Exempt Quantity Nuclear Check Sources Dangerous?

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I am not a doctor, nor a physicist, nor any other qualified person to discuss radiation safety for others. I am merely explaining my own risks using my own sources. Keep that in mind.

Cancer Risk

Cancer occurs when cells in the body are damaged in such a way that they their genetic code is altered allowing them to uncontrollably reproduce. This damage can come from the environment and from errors in how DNA is rewritten.

Current Scientific Consensus (what the majority of scientists agree upon based upon their research and data):

1. Cancer risk rises with respect to dose.
2. There is no dose rate where the risk of cancer (from the dose) is zero.
3. Determining risks from doses less than 100 mSv is statistically difficult.

December, 2008. Williams D. Radiation carcinogenesis: lessons from Chernobyl. Accessed online January, 23 2015 at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19956182

The dose of a dental x-ray 5 μSv
The majority of small check sources are less than 10 μSv/hr
The dose of chest x-ray averages 100 μSv
The dose of a CT chest scan averages 7000 μSv
The dose of a CT chest scan averages 4,000,000 μSv

Accessed online January, 20 2015 at http://hps.org/documents/Medical_Exposures_Fact_Sheet.pdf

What are the risks of cancer from any source?

Risk of developing 1 in 2
Risk of dying from 1 in 4

Risk of developing 1 in 3
Risk of dying from 1 in 5

September 24, 2014. Lifetime Risk of Developing or Dying From Cancer. Accessed online January, 23 2015 at http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancerbasics/lifetime-probability-of-developing-or-dying-from-cancer

Final conclusion:

A third to half of us will get cancer in our lives. My sources are only a VERY tiny contributor to my risk.

Ember of a New World

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My first book is now available to buy!

Ember of a New World Cover

Ember of a New World Cover

I have just released my first book, Ember of a New World!

I’m working on two more books, even now! :)

The book is on sale at a very reasonable price for an eBook of $4.99 at Lulu.com, and soon at Amazon.

Website: http://EmberofaNewWorld.com
Purchase: http://www.lulu.com/shop/tom-watson/ember-of-a-new-world/ebook/product-21954842.html

Ember of a New World is the heroic tale of a young woman’s struggle to survive in the wild world of early Neolithic Europe. Ember journeys from her tribe’s village on the river Rhine across the wilds of prehistoric Europe in search of the Ends of the World. Along the way, she faces raiders, wolves, the North Sea, and her own struggle to find herself in a world where women rarely tread. The setting is 5500 BCE Europe at the dawn of the Neolithic era in what would one day be known as Germany. Every effort has been made to bring historical accuracy to the book, from clothing and tools to language and religion.

[Five Reviewer's Wanted!]
If you are interested in reviewing my book, please contact me. I will choose five reviewers and reimburse them for their purchase of my eBook ($4.99) BEFORE they review my book. My reimbursement has nothing to do with your review (it would be posted on the Lulu site and not to me, anyway). So, you come out even (no profit and no loss).

Note: Only contact me for a review if you have an example of something you have written online which you can provide in a link. It doesn’t have to be amazing, but I am trying to weed out Trolls. :) Please be 18 years or older (no offense to the youth). Tom@EmberofaNewWorld.com

P.S. If nothing more, let your friends know about the website and maybe they might get a copy. It’s less than the cost of a burger and fries.